Who is Coming to the 45th Reunion?

These people have sent in their reservations for the 45th reunion (list updated and corrected as of September 30, 2013):

Sue (Abraham) Bergstrom

Rick and Diane (Brandt) Ahlstrom

Candice Alexander and guest

Trudy (Anderson) Lerner

Dale Benson and guest

Mike Bien and Joan (Zgodava) Bien

Carole (Blair) Schuman and guest (**Carole was the first to register**)

Diane (Blosberg) Hedges

Paula (Boyd) Peterson

Janice (Brevig) Buckelew and guest

Carol (Bruneau) Malson

Richard Burns

Vicki (Chiodo) Moe

Kathy (Ellis) Roocks and guest

Bruce Farder

Roseanna (Felegy) Kollman

Eileen Fleming

Cheryl (Gaydos) Morse

Richard Habstritt

Gary Herlofsky and Mary (Schagun) Herlofsky

Edwin Holland and guest

Helly (Kelly) Johnson and Jim Johnson

Linda (Ihnot) Holmgren

Dave Johnson and Sue (Walther) Johnson

Janice (Johnson) Jordan

Nancy (Johnson) Lane and guest

William Johnson and guest

Chuck Kangas and guest

Brian Karkula

Joe Kasid

Greg Kaslow and guest

Terry Keck

Mary Kodet

Karleen (Kosiak) Sveum and guest

Joe Kruse and guest

Tim Kuensting

Kim Larson and Mary (Janowiec) Larson

Ted Lyke and guest

Sandra (Malbon) Doucet

Karen Martonik and guest

Sharon (Marx) Crimmins

Sherry (Maxey) Tanberg

Susan (McCaffrey) Scott and guest

Kathy (Medinger) Arsenau

Michael Mogen

Vicki (Nadala) Johnson

Terry Olson and guest

Kerry Ottoson

Greg Peterson

Kathleen (Polaski) Howard and guest

Kathy Proft

Glenn (Quamme) Olander-Quamme and guest

Sharon (Roman) Morgenstein and guest

Jim Rosemeyer

Tim Serkasevich

Mark Soderquist

Mike Stellenberg

Joanne (Stepanchek) McNair

Jeanette (Swanson) Burmeister

Timothy Urista and guest

Thomas Vescio and Barb (Chase) Vescio

Mary J. (Violet) Ready

Kenneth Wagner

Cheryl (Wainio) Stellenberg

Stephanie (Wallace) Price

Alan Wass and guest

Harlan Wennerlind

Karen (Weyek) Jakala

Mary (Whitney) Johnson and guest

Susan (Wontor) Moore



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